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Our facilities


Our classrooms are spacious and open spaces

The classes are located in the Main Building, as well as there are learning spaces in the garden of the property.

Our classrooms are spacious with open spaces, each class has its own private access that gives independent entrance from the outside.

During their learning process, we encourage concentration, willingness, large projects, and they are free to go out to the external classroom to continue learning outside (experiments, analysis, botanical research, art …).

The classrooms have furniture adapted to the age of each class, Montessori learning materials, a large library in each classroom, a lot of natural light as well as from the ceiling by a large skylight that illuminates the work areas.


Our environment enhances the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of children.

Montessori learning environments are prepared to allow babies, children and young people to learn through their own activity.

They are given as much freedom and independence as possible for their age and stage, that is, a level of freedom commensurate with their ability to regulate and discipline themselves.

They are also provided with resources and activities that capture their interest and initiate cycles of intentional activity that require concentration and judgment.

In the learning by doing view, the development of babies, children and young people is stimulated by action and interaction within their environment.

Therefore, what is offered in the environment will largely determine the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of children.


Accessible by tram, bus, car, walking or bicycle.

The school is perfectly connected by tram or bus (with stops in front), car (parking available), walking or cycling (bike lane).


To ensure that you can drop off and pick up your children in a safe and stress-free manner, the school has a large parking area with direct and safe access to the facilities.


In Grant Vela School we offer much more than a classroom, the most important thing is that both you and your children feel at home