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Education project


We cover the educational stages of infantile and primary.

Grant Vela School is a private international school, , based on Montessori methodology, XXII century education (drama, creativity, art, emotions) and global linguistic base as a model of learning.

We are the only private school in Vitoria that covers the infant and primary stages of education.

Being a Montessori school allows us to offer a context rich in resources, which allow the child to break down the complexity of the world; giving it order, structure, harmony, time and affection.

In addition, including crafts and arts in the curriculum allows us to offer an innovative model designed to achieve a holistic development of the child: body, mind and emotions.


We provide a rich and respectful work environment, where we experience the satisfaction of success, autonomy and will.

For this we count on:

Wide and versatile classrooms, which favor interactive learning, where respect reigns; environments where the child works, freely and autonomously.

A professional and committed team. The teacher (guide) takes second place, favoring learning, accompanying each child in an individual and personalized way.

The child is the protagonist of his learning, he manages the materials and the time to use with each one.

Coherence in the proposals. Each activity is carefully designed and concatenated to gradually achieve higher levels of understanding and mastery. Day by day, solid concepts are being built that are increasingly complex and, in turn, lay the foundations for new learning.

Freedom of movement. We foster the relationship between movement and learning through an environment rich in structures.

Cooperation and socialization coexist in our spaces, as we gather children in mixed age groups.

Children are people who want to discover the world in which they live.

Our aim is to provide them with a rich and respectful work environment, where they can experience the satisfaction of success, autonomy and will.

Not as a heavy burden, but on the contrary naturally and spontaneously.