Life School


We innovate with fun, nutritious and cultural activities.

Our proposal seeks to innovate, and at the same time offer children fun, nutritious activities, in cultural and social harmony with their environment.

We offer a variety of possibilities to all members of the community in general.

All of them in line with the concerns of the age range of children in nursery and primary education.

We hold neurolinguistic programming workshops, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, once a month.


Throughout the month of January, February and March at Grant Vela School we have different workshops: positive discipline, music therapy, art therapy, gestalt…
This Saturday we start with a NLP workshop.

Every year, all over the world, most people celebrate the same New Year’s Eve ritual.
I’m referring to the tradition of the typical New Year’s resolution to change, to our promise to do something different.
Whether we aim to improve our economy, our relationships, our looks or our work, what we all share is a common desire: to make this year better than last.
So, what’s going on? Why does our purpose fade so quickly? Why do most of us fail to reach our goals? Why have we forgotten or abandoned so many of them by February? Are we no longer interested in the things that seemed so important to us on January 1? Have our goals and objectives changed?
Have we thrown in the towel and given up or failed, simply because we never put our plans, their structure and the means we need in the right place?
What if this year was different? What if you lived each day of next year with the firm purpose of making it your best year, no matter how uncontrollable the forces that intervene, regardless of the changes that occur around you? What if you discovered that living your best year is something that is totally under your control, that you can shape, create and achieve? What if today you realized that the choice is in your hands?
“How to create the best year of your life” is a call to action.
It’s a step-by-step guide to making this year so special for you that you can’t wait to get up in the morning to start the new day.

From the hand of Juan Antonio Nuño, instructor of Neurolinguistic Programming endorsed by the International Association of Coaching with NLP.